Tuesday, May 22, 2012

tomorrow is coming..

we are now in ICU. after we got in, she started to be rather alert. she kept saying, "it's okay," seemingly to try and convince herself that she was. along with her alertness came moaning and tears. she was given morphine and soon after seemed more comfortable. she has the strength of a horse and, at times, is pulling herself up to sit. with encouragement we are helping her just to relax.  she has gotten sick twice because of medication. each time, having to change linen which upsets her. the language barrier is making me mad at autism. I wish I could jump in her head for a moment. we have her hands tied down because in the past she has pulled out IV's straight out of her arm. this, I think upsets her more, but I'd rather her be safe. my prayer is she stop fighting the pain herself and try and rest. i know she has got to be so tired. we will be in ICU til tomorrow sometime (if she is doing well).  thank you for your continued prayers. I know the Lord has her. she is a trooper and so brave. today has been tough, but tomorrow is coming. 

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Anonymous said...

So glad she is out and recovering. Praying for you all.