Friday, May 25, 2012


it's funny to me that the day surgery was originally set is the day we came home. it sure is good to be home.  these past couple days have been a journey. yesterday Brooke went to a room. we were suppose to stay there til Saturday or Sunday; but, don't tell Brooke she'll change it on you. last night she couldn't rest. her behaviors (from being in a different place) were making things very challenging. since we could not use wrist restraints her face, her arms, my arms, hands, and the nurses were getting a beating. it got better once she went to sleep but come "vital rounds" at 2:00am she got heavily upset. this in turn got me upset at the circumstances because she just doesn't understand. by 3:00 she was still going strong. after trying everything to get her comfortable I asked for some pain meds for her. at 4:00 she is still upset and gets another round of medication. by 5:30 I am mentally, physically exhausted. I asked the nurses for a transfer back to ICU. knowing her hands would be restrained and she wouldn't be harmful to herself, most importantly, and to others. they told me it couldn't happen. she was stable enough to be on a regular floor. however, they would get in touch with my doctor and ask for a transfer.  long story short...brookes doctor said "you are free to go! she is medically stable enough to leave."  wow.  we basically pulled everything together and got our orders to leave.  the ride home was good. Brooke walked right in and laid in the bed. her words, "it's ok." (theres much more to share, but later... now we rest)  thanks for your prayers! 

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