Friday, May 18, 2012

hard day

Brooke's MRI went well. once the IV was in she drifted quickly. the procedure lasted about an hour. then, following, she had another small procedure done. they will use this scan as a guide/tool for the surgery on Friday.  apart from today's test, Brooke's behaviors have increased dramatically since yesterday. it's very odd behavior as I saw and as I heard her staff report.  for several months now she has been hitting her face pretty significantly. her staff implemented a helmet procedure to protect herself. however, yesterday she poked at her face so badly her nose started to bleed. what made it strange was her "giddy" behavior. today I even noticed she was extremely happy throughout each behavior displayed. typically, her facial expressions/emotions are complete opposite of what we have seen in the last 2 days.  this, and other circumstances, are going on that are making me question and seek answers in order to help her.  today was hard for her.  today was hard for me. 

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