Sunday, April 30, 2006


I will lift up my eyes to the hills, from where my help comes from.
Ps. 121
Brooke is my inspiration. Even though she has the mind of a 2 year old, the voice a babbling baby, and a heart of a princess, i'm compelled to dram further that i would have ever imagined.
Brooke has forced me out of my comfort zone to reach out to those who see w/a different perspective. Brooke has encouraged me to believe that is God is able and that she is capable. She has influenced me to love unconditionally w/o regrets. Looking into her eyes I'm only driven to keep searching for answers until i know the reason behind her smiles. Brooke has taught me to appreciate the baby steps no matter how small or trivial they may seem.....even spiritually speaking. Daily, like today, I'm exposed to an unknown world, a new idea, and a challenging adventure. Brooke gives me a vision that cannot be described by words...because of that I'm movtived by faith, driven by hope, and inspired to love that of what others may call hopeless. She has taught me that it really is the simple things after all.
I KNOW Jesus is holding her....and because of that i can smile.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


well, i must say it's all a waiting game. Today has been one of those days that seem like a thunderstorm in the house. You never know from one day to another what it will be like. I use to hate the word "wait".....however, now it seems like a word that brings me some sort of comfort. Waiting on God seems to be the best place to be in. For if we were doing things in our own hands and determining the outcome....i'm sure it would be a mess.

we will start a form of detoxing from the brain in the next couple of weeks. This should bring positive results. In the next 2 months she will be on different forms of supplements that the dr. usman suggested. she is still having problems in the gut which be could the reason for behaviors.

what i do know is...we've got to trust in our God....we've got to wait...sometimes i wonder why He is taking so long....but then it brings me to a point of giving over that surrender and trusting He has her in His strong, powerful, comforting hands....and us just the same. Nothing catches Him of guard...So like i said waiting, as hard as it seems, doesn't seem to be hard at all when you look at WHO has her. Wait, yes, wait on the LORD.


Friday, April 28, 2006

the beginning

This is the start of a new beginning. Brooke has been home for almost 2 months. we've been challenged, encouraged, had some rough times and had some good. I thought this would be a good way to express what is going on in her world=to be her Aaron so to speak....and so that others would know specificly how to pray, what to pray or just learn of how she is doing. I'll be posting reguarly.
the reason for butterflies and brooke as a title: several thoughts come to mind. first, i decorate her room w/butterflies b/c of her middle name "renee" meaning "born again". The butterfly signifies that w/the transformation. Just the same way- I know GOD is transforming her and me for that matter....and this is what i wish to express to you thru this blog.
Because of Him...