Monday, April 30, 2012

surgery set

Brooke's scoliosis surgery is set for May 25. during the month of May she will have many appointments in preparation. I'm excited to share that after the hospital stay she will stay with us for several days. her school will be helping out with 8 hours daily. I couldn't be more thankful! Her school is also working on a storyboard that will help her understand about her surgery.  recently, we got an iPad for Brooke. we are in the process of learning how to use apps to help her communicate, understand feelings/emotions, and allow her to play games as well. I've heard some encouraging news on how the iPad is encouraging communication for those that have autism. I'm excited to see how Brooke will gain new insights.  please be in prayer. many changes are going to be transpiring in the next few weeks as we prepare for her surgery and recovery.