Wednesday, May 16, 2012

it's the little things.

it is the little things in life.  a few weeks ago, bill, the boys and I went to gulf shores on our off time/spring break. it was nice to be away from our area and spend it focusing on the boys and of course...the beach.  one afternoon, ethan wanted me to sit in the hot tub with him. I went...but what you don't know about me is that I really don't like "public" hot tubs.  after getting in, a couple of girls got in as well. we sat quietly. one of the girls commented on Ethan's "Jesus" shirt. I then started listening to their conversation. I'm such an ease dropper. haha.. they spoke of many things... missions, boys, beach, and etc.. Then, one of the girls said, "could you fix my tape?" that was weird... I thought to myself. I watched her get out of the hot tub and noticed she had a long piece of surgical tape down her spine.  before she walked off, I blurted out, "hey, did you just have back surgery, like scoliosis?" she responded, "yes ma'am I did in January." I couldn't believe it. the chances of meeting someone like that was slim. well, there's more. I asked her lots of questions, and she was sweet to answer and share her experience. I told her of brooke and the reason of my inquiring mind. I told her to have fun and she left. moments later, she walked back in the pool area and asked, "I don't mean to seem weird, but can I ask your daughters name so I can pray for her?" wow! really! are you an angel? she then told me .. can you tell her that ... "she'll be just fine." "yes!" I said, "I'll tell her." before she left I asked her age.. "15", the same age as Brooke.  her name was Lindsey... but that day she was God's little messenger of peace.  lindsey, wherever you are... thank you!

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mol said...

wow, dani. just wow. *goosebumps*