Sunday, May 27, 2012


every now and again I see how helpless brooke is without someone with her at all times. a few years ago our whole family, including brooke, went to Nashville. while visiting, we went to Opryland Hotel. the hotel is my moms favorite, so we enjoyed walking around seeing shops and enjoying each others company. we decided to take the elevator up to another floor and before you know it Brooke had gotten in the elevator and the doors shut!  within seconds my mind raced to what could've happened when the doors opened again on another floor without us.  she wouldn't know where she was. she wouldn't be able to say who she was with or how to find her family. and at the time, she would not have been able to say her name to those trying to help her. helpless. however, we quickly pushed the button and the doors opened before it speed off to another floor. I remember grabbing her, holding her, telling her it was "ok." not only is Brooke helpless, but so am I. today a dear friend said something to me that reminded me of my helplessness. the phrase she said was, "collapse in His arms." being the thinker that I am I looked up the word "collapse." Webster puts it this way, "to fall abruptly, to break down completely,  to cave or fall in, to fall helpless." I couldn't help but see myself, or those that know Christ, fall helplessly in His arms..almost like i was fainting.  I love the idea that Jesus is my all and all. I love the fact that when I fall helpless or when I'm wondering helplessly as Brooke does...that He is there without any hesitation. and, in doing so there's no need for me to speak or utter a sound...He knows.  its then He grabs me, holds me, and tells me, "you are ok."

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Connie said...

Dani-Ga and family,
Since losing contact and not being in T or C right now, was not aware of Brooke's surgery; however, you all have been on my mind since end of April (I've been here since April 9) and have bathed you all in my prayers. Thankful I can keep up with you all again. Look forward to updates on recuperating from surgery and lessons on life that all of us can use. We have a 6 year old grandson who is mildly Autistic. He just finished kindergarten and is doing so well with reading and his speech. Are there any special books or toys we as grandparents could get that would help him, especially when he is with us? Love to you all, God Bless