Saturday, March 28, 2009


brooke is suppose to get her cast off and pins out on Thursday! Then she'll get another one on below her knee. I know she'll be excited to bend her knee and possibly walk on it. I'm looking forward to Thursday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

release your grief:

from Come Away My Beloved: (matthew 11.29)

my child, lean your head upon My bosom. I know well your weariness, and every burden i would lift. Never bury your griefs, but offer them up to Me. You will relieve your soul of much strain if you can lay every care in My hand. Never cling to any trouble, hoping to resolve it yourself, but turn it over to Me. In doing so, you will free Me to work it out.

Friday, March 20, 2009


i've been thinking about brooke's development lately. Questions of: what will she be like in 5 years, how much help will she need, what needs to be provided for her, etc...? I know that Brooke will need to be dependent upon someone. You have to think long term, even though i don't like to at times.
in thinking on this i've been made aware of my life spiritually. "let us go on to maturity (development)" the writer of Hebrews says. I know i need to be dependent upon Jesus...for i am nothing w/o Him at my side. so, brooke and i have some similar paths in front of us and even now. We are dependent people. I am in desperate need of Him, every moment til i see Him face to face.

i'm spending time w/brooke today (on the first day of our break from the cottage). it'll be good to be w/her. i miss sitting beside her. she has a way that makes everything in my world look so small. she has a way that changes my outlook on things. she has a way that makes me bold and courageous and strong. she has something about her that let me see that i am in need of Him and w/o Jesus I'm incomplete.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


can't get my mind off you tonight....i miss you and you are just 4 miles away from me. i long to see you!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a question for brooke...

my mind is full of questions for brooke today. sometimes i wish i could sit right in front of her and have a conversation...or even yet, just let her answer "yes" or "no" to me. today i just wondered if she ever grieves, thinking outloud...i'm sure she does, everyone does. i've seen alot of grief, been involved w/alot of grief, and heard of alot of grief in the past couple of i guess that is why my question for her today would be: How do you handle with your grief, Brooke?

today, randomly i got a card from a person i have never met. Inside the card was written Psalm 121.1-2. I love this passage of scripture. (just happens to be my "brooke" passage). This is my answer when grief occurs in my life. i encourage you to go and read it....may God use it in your life as He has mine.

Monday, March 09, 2009

in remembrance

today i'm remembering a dear friend of mine. we were accountability partners for a couple years when i started my journey with the Lord. Today, she will deliver her conjoined twins that are already in the arms of Jesus. My heart grieves for her today. I'm reminded of a verse "after a little while you have suffered".... I sometimes wonder how long "a little while" is. I pray that peace surrounds her and her family as they walk thru these difficult hours of "a little while".

brooke has been sick and went to the doctor today.

her day

Brooke had a good birthday weekend. We got her friday afternoon went to a near-by park and took a walk (well, i pushed the wheelchair). She kept smiling. After that, we got home with pizza and cupcakes! It was close to her bed time so we watched Monsters, Inc. to end the night. It did not take her long to go to sleep. I enjoyed getting to sleep with her....which is always fun in the morning when she looks at you after waking up! When we took her back to the home they were on their way to FairHope Pier. I hope she had fun.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009

our weekend

excited to say brooke will be spending the weekend w/us at our relief house while we are on our break. last year we did not get the chance to be w/brooke on her b/day so this will a real treat. Because of her cast, we will just lay around watching old movies (good idea mg)...we will take her back to her group home saturday morning. i'm looking forward to being w/you brooke! you make me smile.