Tuesday, February 21, 2012

health update: addition

Brooke went to her seizure doctor today. it could be her stumbling/falling is due to her seizure medication so they are switching to another kind.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

health update

here's the latest health update on Brooke:

first, I appreciate your prayers concerning her appointment in Birmingham several weeks ago.

bill went with her and staff from the school. her trip to and from went really well. she was calm and had low anxiety. dr. percy was able to evaluate her fully. this was an extreme praise because every year this has been a difficult task.
dr. percy expressed she is NOT going into stage 4 of Rett's. this again a huge praise! however, he suggested she get her eyes checked [vision as of 2 weeks ago good, but if she drives a car, she'll need glasses. haha!!! for her sweet "16" I'll be giving her a car... so we better get to practicing her wearing glasses. just kidding]. her vision is not causing her falling, stumbling into things. he also suggested she be seen by an orthopedic because it seemed obvious to him her hip was a bit out if place causing coordination skills. she'll have an appointment on march 9. he recommended physical therapy along with that appointment.

for those that are not aware, after moving to this school Brooke was hit by a car and broke her left leg. dr. percy thought the falling/stumbling was due to the stress of this accident.

thank you for your continued prayer and support for her.
she is a courageous and an amazing young lady that allures me to the feet of Jesus.