Tuesday, May 29, 2012

long day

our day started at 3:00am. Brooke woke up and didn't go back to sleep. she has been very restless and agitated.  come 7:00a.m. I was feeling the effects of just 3 hours of sleep. I knew several friends had been praying, and knowing I needed the encouragement to finish the day and finish well I called on them for help. by 1:00p.m. brooke was less frustrated. however, just over an hour a go... she has been extremely upset! I gave her some loritab thinking she was in back pain. she's very aggressive and verbally upset (yelling). she still has not slept since 3am.. and neither have we.  i just hurt for her...wanting her to be comfortable, at ease, and especially I want her to sleep. she has been thru a lot in the last week but I'm confident the Lord is listening..and in His timing will make all well. 

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