Saturday, May 26, 2012

thank you

Brooke has done so much better being at home. we are thankful/grateful that some of her support staff are helping out daily. her school, the learning tree, are coming over twice a day for a few hours to sit and help her. someone needs to be watching Brooke, even while sleeping because she still is exhibiting behaviors (hitting face) and wanting to scratch her back. speaking of which, Brooke has developed a rash on her back, either by the adhesive or iodine. it really is irritating to her. yesterday, after putting some cream on her back she hollered out, "thank you!" it was so appropriate and it made me smile and laugh:) I bought some new dressing for her back, so hopefully, coupled w the anti-itch cream she will be doing better.   she slept so well last night. it was the best sleep she has had since Monday. rest can do a lot of good, I've heard:) she woke up briefly, lifted herself up, got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I was shocked! she is still asleep:) today, we will do more waking and sitting, plus, the doctor said she can take a shower!! she's been scratching her head so much...I know she'll feel tons better afterwards.  I didn't really tell you much about the actual surgery. dr. nimits said he was able to correct 80% of her curve with the placement of 2 rods. she did not have to have any blood transfusion.  that was huge! she lost a bit, but they were able to save hers. all in all, the surgery went really, really well! I'm so thankful for skilled surgeons and nurses.  I'm so content caring for my girl. she is the brightest spot in my life and I love her dearly. Im so thankful for the Nelson's, the M's, and Rene and Patrick for taking care of our job responsibilities at the ABCH so we can be with Brooke during her recovery. I love you all. 

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