Wednesday, July 30, 2008

what gives one hope?

-knowing today will turn into tomorrow
-knowing soon we will be spending eternity w/Jesus
-knowing that who i am today will not be who i will be with Jesus
-knowing one day brooke will finally say "momma" and know what that really means
-knowing the stars in the sky each are named by God
-knowing peace when you put your head on your pillow at night
-knowing friends that know things about you and still offer mercy to you
-knowing God has treasures in store for me-for me to have
-knowing that Jesus protects me-even when i don't know it
-knowing His mercies are new every morning

my favorite word in the Bible is Hope. there is a passage in Romans 5 that says "'and Hope does not disappoint". Tonight i'm hanging on to that truth. I'm tired. Weary. Heart-broken; yet, i have hope...and my God will not disappoint me. This I know...this is what gives me hope.

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