Tuesday, July 22, 2008


i have thought of this word all day. protection.
Webster dictionary says it this way: "supervision or support of one that is smaller and weaker". I know the Lord sees Brooke, holds her, watches expectantly over her...but this description of the supervisor brings to me a different look. i use to help my dad work on projects around the house. sometimes plumbing, sometimes putting shingles on a roof, sometimes the smallest thing of picking up leaves and putting them in a bag. my dad...just watched. i asked him from time to time, "why are you not helping?" his response was..."I'm supervising". i noticed, that my dad didn't move his eye off of me when i was doing a job, he was carefully observing if i did things correctly, and would correct me if it was done wrong. the same way, i know the Lord does this with brooke; however, differently. he carefully watches her--never budging. Protection. He is giving her support--support to the smaller and weaker. This gives me confidence, it gives me peace, and i know that because He does this (with us too), that He is madly in love with us. I'm grateful for His protection. grateful indeed!

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