Monday, July 28, 2008

IEP/fresh air

IEP stands for individual education plan. Wednesday i'll be traveling back down for her meeting. i will not be able to see brooke that day, she has a dentist appointment and she will be kinda "out of it". these meetings are always important to us. they give a foundation of where she is and how we want her to improve in the next year. This past year we have seen little improvement, so we may have to go back a few steps in order for her to go forward. the meetings are almost always an emotional time for me as i see, hear, read where she is mentally. I'll be going alone for Wednesdays are always a hard time for Bill to get out of the office, especially for a meeting as such...for sometimes, they can be lengthy.

it was great to see her yesterday. my friend, kim and i went to see brooke for a quick visit...hence the pictures on the blog prior. the entrance to the house and her "seat" are easy targets. once i opened the door, she saw me and almost instantly got up. wow. I didn't want to look away. that moment lit up my face! she started to smile and then as if it were a script in a movie we both (it seemed in slow motion) ran towards each other. the embrace (always awkward) was great! i was reminded of my relationship w/the Lord. Even though we don't see Him, we read His word, pray to Him, and feel His embrace in ways we cannot express (sometimes awkward). Whatever the case, when our eyes meet (because more than likely I've looked away from Him), it is like a breath of fresh air has entered my heart. I never want to look away!

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