Sunday, July 20, 2008

His instruments

"your present circumstances that seem to be pressing so hard against you are the perfect tool in the Father's hand to chisel you into shape for eternity. So, trust Him and never push away the instrument He is using, or you will miss the result of His work in your life."
i read this--this morning. I loved the truth to this as i am walking in my journey with the Lord.
instruments can be used in many ways, and come in many ways. recently, God has put a couple of different instruments in my life to buff me, purify my thought life, give me encouragement, and sustain me. but the way the Lord uses His instruments are amazing. like the quote said...never push away the instrument. boy, in my life, i've wanted and have pushed away the one thing that was going to hurt me...because santification does hurt. however, Christ didn't run away from the one thing (cross) that was going to hurt Him. Stand firm, my friend. the end result is a blessing and an amazing relationship with God.


as for brooke, she will not be coming home this week, which makes me sad. bill is going to be gone for some of that visit and we all want to see and visit with her. however, like i said, she will coming home in the few weeks. i will get to see her on the 30th for a IEP meeting. this, as always, is an important meeting as we make desicions for the next year concerning her behavior and education plan. please be in prayer for this.

thank you for your concern and well-being over her life. God is not finished with her and i am excited to see what God will show us thru my little instrument!

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