Thursday, July 17, 2008

brooke update

wanted to give somewhat of an update on brooke. she has had somewhat of a bad few weeks. she's been having some accidents at night these can tend to be stressful. because some of the children had chicken pox the facility was closed down...and students were not allowed to leave the area. now that this is over...finally. they are able to get out and do things w/in the community.
unfournetly we will not be able to get brooke this neek week as scheduled. bill is going out of town to help out another church and i would left with the extra duties we share. with that said, we have arranged anther time for her to be home so that everyone can visit with her...i think it's the second week in August. maybe i can take her to see my parents...i know they would love to see her. Please continue to pray for her. Somethings you can pray specificly for are her understanding of things, that she would use her words to express herself. (she has a low limit vocabulary). thanks for your prayers....even though we have to wait an extra time to see her, i hope to get down there for a couple of hours to be w/her, take her to lunch,....and then maybe see a friend of mine in Atlanta, God willing. Blessings to you!

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