Friday, July 25, 2008

torn into

tonight, my heart is torn into pieces. brooke is suppose to be home w/us right now. sometimes, i wonder if she knows it's time for us to get her and we don't come because situations have come up we cannot get around. at any rate, i'm torn into tonight. this week has been a difficult week other than that of brooke. life just hurts sometimes and this week has been a week of hurts. however, the Lord is there...being there. just there. not "removing" the situation, but calmly walking/sitting with us until we are done crying, or when we need His embrace.

tonight was a special night. i was able to go out on a boat with a family in the late afternoon. it was nice to just do nothing, be with close friends. it's nice you don't have to explain/express anything, but just being in anothers company is another way God gives His comfort.

I can't wait to see your face brooke. you sure make me smile! i miss seeing it.

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todd said...

we are so sorry you have had a bad week and even sorrier you were not able to see Brooke. y'all are always in our prayers!

in His love,
todd, tammy and gage