Saturday, September 05, 2009

watching with Jesus

we are walking thru a journey with brooke i never intended to begin. for reasons of my own i will not share the details. this morning i woke up with some comforting words from the Lord and it was this:

stay here and keep watch with Me. matthew 26.38
our Lord is trying to introduce us to the identification with Himself thru a particular "gethsemane" experience of our own. but if we refuse to go, saying, "no, Lord, i can't see the meaning of this, and besides it is very painful."

i can't think about what i may lose but what i'm gaining and that is a more intimate relationship with God. i don't understand any of this, but i am responsible for what i do w/what has been given to me even though it is painful. i do choose to stay here and watch. thankfully as matthew 26. 38 says i don't watch alone. i watch with Jesus.

(in this passage Jesus is speaking to his disciples. thankfully i'm surrounded by other believers that are watching too. thanks, jw.)

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