Friday, September 04, 2009

family photos

i always love when brooke comes to the cottage for a short visit. it all happened yesterday! my sister and her family and my mom and dad where here all for a family photo. i'll be posting pictures when they get to me. it's always humorous to see how pictures are done w/families...ours far more! with our family every one gets put in place with the words "look only at the camera, whatever you do, look only at the camera!". in the background you'll see bill running and chasing brooke around the yard until finally he positions brooke at her "spot". this happens about 10-15 times to make sure brooke is looking at the camera...or like yesterday, to see if bill and brooke even made it in the picture at all. oh, the joys of family photos!

in the end, everyone is smiling.

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