Friday, September 25, 2009

jesus loves me

every since brooke was born i have always sang Jesus loves me to her. she can be running thru the house and bouncing off the wall, or even having a 'hard' time at the doctors office...but when i sing "Jesus loves Brooke" she stops in her tracks and stares at me.
i remember like it was yesterday when she had her accident and was in the hospital i sang that song to her. it's a moment i think she and i will only understand.

tonight brooke spent part of the afternoon w/us. i started singing, of course, and as i did i sang "Jesus loves Brooke this i know...." i paused after "loves"... and she said "brooke". we sang i don't know how many rounds of that song and everytime she chimmed in and said "brooke!" precious....just precious.

everyday i fall more in love with my daughter. she is my hero!

Brooke, Jesus does love you. He said, "let the children come unto Me." there's no doubt He's got you baby. I'm almost positive you have a way of singing that song to yourself when i'm not there.

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