Friday, September 11, 2009

best friends

brooke came to the cottage today. it was like the good ole' days...brooke watched t.v. and i folded clothes. she has found a new interest in shows with spongebob. i have friends tell me that spongebob is autistic...whatever the connection, she enjoys him. today the show was on "best friends". after watching her watch the show i wondered if she had a best friend. i remember when i was her age. my best friend and i would write notes back and forth to each other, spend the nite at each others home, go to movies, and talk on the phone.
brooke has a little roomate at her group home...i've heard how they run and jump on each other's beds, watch tv together, and go to the park to feed the ducks. i'm grateful she has a friend to spend her time w/, someone who takes punches from her sometimes, someone who listens to the crying, frustrations, and laugher.

best friends are hard to come by, the faithful few, and dependable in good and bad times. God has a way of sending just the right friends our way and He uses them in our lives to represent Himself to us. He is our closest friend, extremely faithul, dependable in good/bad and He has written notes to us and urges us know Him.

Brooke, you are never alone, He is your best friend!

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