Tuesday, September 15, 2009

towards malta

spent most of the day in acts 27.
"keep up your courage, dani, for I believe God, that it will turn out exactly as i have been told...then the soldiers cut away the ropes of the ships boat, and let it fall away. paul was encouraging them all to take some food...for this is for your preservation; and having said this, he took break and gave thanks to God...they began to lighten the ship by throwing out the wheat into the sea."

this passage holds alot of truth to me for the situation i am currently in with brooke. i am at a place of making decisions that are filled w/grief that feels very much like a shipwreck. however, i was encouraged by what God laid on my heart today. i've struggled recently w/my belief as mentioned in the gospels, "Lord, i believe, help my unbelief." (this is not referring to salvation). I need only to listen to the voice of the Lord. there are many voices around me, but only His voice matters the most. i noticed in this passage it wasn't until after paul encouraged them to eat for their preservation (safety, protection) that they began realize their need to lighten their load. for me personally, God was telling me: "dani, drink/eat of Me, this is for your protection (brooke's protection) and I WILL LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD, you can't." we hold on so long, so often thinking our way is better, but it's just the opposite. how many times do i need to learn this, God? the soldiers were quick to thank God and i too am quick to thank God for continuing to deliver me from this shipwreck.
i love the next chapter v. 1 "and when they had been brought safely through, then we found out that the island was called Malta."(Malta means rest). I and others are being brought safely through this storm and i know in the end there will be rest/peace on every side.

Psalms 107. 28-30 "they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and HE (not me) BROUGHT THEM OUT of their distresses. He caused the storm to be still, so that the waves of the sea were hushed. then they were glad because they were quiet; so He guided them to their desired haven"

headed toward Malta.

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