Monday, August 04, 2008


a dear friend of mine told me once..."when you are having your quiet time with the Lord, just go...and be w/Him. It's not that you have to "hear" from God...or get something wonderful and powerful from Him, but just being w/Him is all He wants; however, when you do hear something from the Lord, all man, it's the unexpected gift".

recently, the Lord gave me an unexpected gift far to valuable to describe. It is precious when the Lord gives you something you feel like you don't deserve, or may be even something you think you don't want. But He gives it. i never saw it coming. However, what God brought to me was valuable. I love the unexpected. the undescribed.

school starts back up on wednedsay for Josiah. i'll take ethan w/me to get brooke. Then ethan starts up on Thrusday. we are excited! I'm sure God will give some unexpected gifts this week...and i'll treasure those moments, the unexpected!
(thanks fred)

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