Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This summer has been hot, has it not? we have been outside everyday with the boys, when brooke comes home for visits, we have gone hiking, exploring, to the pool---um, i think EVERYDAY, and we've gone to creeks to catch little fish. When we've been outside in the hot, we've just needed a bit of relief. Relief. such a small word...but it's something i've thought on a lot lately.

Just yesterday i went to a place to spend some time with God...just me and Him. Boy, was it ever so good. As i was sitting there in the sun...looking over a beautiful river (Tennessee, i may add), i got soooo hot! It was tempting to just jump in. Near by i had an ice chest....i opened it up and grabbed my frozen water. Boy! Relief. I just put my tongue on it...and it was like my whole body felt it's coolness. As it melted just a drop hit my chest and once again the word came to my mind "relief". Now, you may think...what the heck is she talking about today--she has lost her mind.

A while back ago a dear friend of mine told me "a little encouragement from the Lord goes a long way". People may give encouragement (and boy, is it needed), and other things in life may ease the 'relief' in your life...however, just a drop, just a hint, just a word, just a dab, just a glimmer of His encouragement goes along way. I'm able to go further, move faster, or even wait longer.

Just a drop of the water on my tongue went a long way yesterday in the heat. Relief!

Better yet, I recieved relief from the Lord yesterday becasue of His encouragement He gave.

I hope you can find the time to do the same.

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