Sunday, August 31, 2008

the exchange

it's sunday and brooke is back at school. we are back into our routine. our visit was good/fast. my parents came down for a quick's always good for brooke and my parents to exchange hugs/kisses/looks.

everyone usually asks, 'how does she do on the way back'? well, she does really well...until we get at the school. this time, as we reached the steps, she slapped me and paced back and forth. she looked sad and confused when i left. those times hurt and hit hard as a mom.

on my way back home i had the most unusal experience half-way home. i cannot share all the details "blog form", however, what happened gave me such a great exchange from being sad/selfish to praying for someone who was hurting just as i was. so, nicole, even though you have no idea who i am...God spoke to me thru you yesterday. I'm praying for you and i'm sorry for your loss.

tonight i'm grateful for the great exchange Jesus did when He died for me!

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