Friday, August 01, 2008

our grief

i cannot believe it is august 1.

I had something on my mind this morning, that i wanted to share out loud. grief. what a word, right. it carries many different emotions. this past week a dear friend of mines husband passed away. grief. this week i will say goodbye (for now) to a friend going into another ministry. grief. this week i witnessed seeing my daughter wanting to go w/me out the door of her school. grief.
i have experienced alot of grief this week, but not only this week, but in the past years. i've covered up my grief because i thought i was "above that", its not okay to do so, i must be strong, so-to-speak. However, in doing so, i messed up things even more than they were. just adding to my grief.
if, by chance, you are grieving today, allow the Holy Spirit to allure you into Himself and disclose Himself to you like only He can do. Life is full of pain, suffering, and hardship. I know that one too well. But to encourage you, as i, myself, am encouraged by this. Take heart, my friend, and know He is there, He cares for you more than many sparrows, His thoughts of you out weight the numbers of the sand, He desires to walk w/you in your grief...and as He does You will experience His fullness. You will experience His love. You will experience His comfort and kindness to you. So, never cover up your grief, but allow Him to minister to you in your grief, loss, pain, and suffering. Your relationship with Him will be sweeter than honey!

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