Monday, August 18, 2008


You all should know i love elephants. One thing about elephants is they have a great memory. as i say "elephants always remember". In Ephesians 2 the word "remember" is mentioned over and over again. I just had to share some thoughts the Lord spoke to me about...
v.4 "But God, being rich in His mercy...made us alive with Christ."
v.11 "Therefore, remember".
v.12 "Remember that you were..."
Remembering humbles me, gives us a reality check if you will.
I'm grateful that the Lord is NOT my accuser by my advocate when it come to "remembering". I do remember where i have been but also more importantly remember the precious love that was shed on me, poured on me, lavished on me. I'm grateful...blessed because of His kindness and riches (v7).
v.13 "but NOW in Christ Jesus you who were formerly far off (remember), have been brought near by the blood of Christ.", what a picture to capture.

i too, cannot help but remember when we found out brooke was autistic at the early age of 4. Now, as she is 11, i can't help but see how far the Lord has brought me only closer to Him thru my sufferings and loss. Remembering can be a very powerful aspect of our walk with Christ.

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