Wednesday, August 20, 2008

His timing...

I remember the day well. A dear friend Michelle and I would, almost always, go after church to the foyer and sing. There was a beautiful marble floor with glass windows surrounding the area. It was a perfect place to sing, for even if you didn't sound all that great, with the echo it gave, you sounded like an angel. We sang our usual song that day as we were almost the last to leave church, "Our God Is An Awesome God", by Rich Mullins. We were caught up in the moment when someone got our attention. A young man, his age unknown, said almost awkwardly, "I have a song to sing". So he began:

In His time, in His time, He makes all things beautiful, in His time. Lord please show me everyday as your teaching me to pray that you do just what you say in your time.

I, personally was blown away. It brought tears to my eyes as i listened to this man, mentally retarded, sing to the Lord about His timing.

My mentor and friend tells me, "Dani, it's not God's time, it's His timing." His time table is much more different from ours...i assume that is why reliance, trust, dependence on Him is necessary in our walk with the Lord.

But i would have so say-I do get a bit frustrated with His timing. I want Brooke to get well, I want the Lord to respond quicker with things going on in my life, I need this prayer to be answered now! However, His way is perfect (ps. 18), His timing is perfect.

I will never forget the song that guy sang the day in the foyer at church. For it was not his voice, it was the attitude of His heart that i was listening mostly to. He was confident in the Lord's timing. I, too, desire the same.

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