Tuesday, February 03, 2009

tuesday update:

we are all set for surgury for today before noon. we are not sure if she will have to have pins/plates/or just a cast on her leg...that will be determined by the surgeon. Brooke started to smile yesterday afternoon...which made us all happy and excited to see. I was able to sleep beside brooke last night in hospital bed. i haven't gotten to do that in several months, it was good to have a sleepover...even though the circumstances are not what i expected. I am grateful the Lord is restoring her health and i am confident He will continue to.

I spoke w/a dear friend this morning and as she read Psalms 18 to me, my heart was encouraged knowing His ways are perfect....we don't understand them, but they are. I'm grateful to know and to believe this wonderful promise.

there are several people to thank: all those that have been praying for brooke's recovery! wow. you have no idea. bill and i have felt the prayers...we are eternally grateful! Learning Tree staff...you guys have been great and have been there every step of the way...the burden has been lifted knowing you guys are here and have been 24/7. Sonrise Baptist Church and Wooley Springs...thank you for lifting brooke up in prayer, and last but not least...the Children's Home staff...you are precious family and we love you...thank you for your prayers and presence!

these are some pictures from last night and then this morning before surgury

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