Wednesday, February 04, 2009

brooke is home

today was a day of transition...brooke was able to go to her group home this afternoon. getting her in the van was an adventure, but we all (6 or 7) got her in. thanks to the Learning Tree Staff for your helping hands, we could not have done this w/o you. They got her chick-fi-la, a nice shower, some meds, Toy Story 2....and off to bed. i hope she sleeps well. i will miss sneaking in the bed w/her while nurses come in and out of the room. (by the way, brooke's nurse looked just like Brooke White, for all you American Idol fans. i got my picture made w/ was very funny!) It was cool though...when we got down stairs for the surgery she asked, "may i pray for her" was precious indeed.

we are all tired. i'm leaving tomorrow for an Awaken ( womans conference. i'll be teaching on "brokenness"...hum, how appropriate! I'm broken, and Brooke has been broken. She sure taught me some lessons this weekend. what a brave little girl. she steals my heart. my post may be few for a few days while i'm traveling.

I especially want to thank Jennifer and Katy. You guys amaze me and have gone over and beyond your call of duty. May God richly bless you beyond what you can imagine or think. Love you both!

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Patricia Atchley said...

Hey you guys! I've been praying for Brooke and the rest of you during this ordeal. I'm so glad that everything is much better with you all. I just want to know that I miss you all very much, but I'm so glad that ya'll were there with her! I'll continue to pray for healing for all involved! She is such a trooper! Love you all! Patricia Atchley