Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday update:

we are still in ICU. Brooke will have surgury on her leg on Tuesday morning. There were some concerns w/her spleen...but it looks as if everything is going to okay there. She has various fractures but all seems to be healing well in there on time. She seems to be having a bit more comfort (unless disturbed by doctors/nurses) ha/....otherwise she is resting well. you are welcome to call my cell or txt us. thank you for your prayers.
after surgury she will go back to ICU. her cast will be full leg and she will be in a wheelchair for about 6 weeks.


Anonymous said...

Melissa forwarded your e-mail to me. I prayed this morning for Brooke's quick, pain-free recovery, successful surgery and for your incredible witness to continue to shine through. God's spirit just pours out of you and brings Him such glory! Keep trusting Him!

gagesdad said...

Brooke is in our prayers and y'all are as well. we pray for her healing and pray that her pain is diminished quickly. thank you for updating everyone so we can share. we love y'all!

Todd, Tammy and Gage