Thursday, February 26, 2009

i have no idea.....

brooke's b/day is next week and i'm clueless to how to celebrate w/her. Chick-fi-la is always on the menu...but her cast limits our outings. I really have no idea what to do w/her except just be w/her. She will be 12 years old and it just amazes me. it just seemed the other day i was pregnant w/ in Memphis...fixing to embark on a new adventure and journey....little did i know just what an adventure i was recieving when God created her (fearfully and wonderfully)!

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molly said...

Chick-fil-A (with perhaps a chocolate milkshake... they are the best on the market)
Monster's Inc
Toy Story
Toy Story II
Finding Nemo

A whole day of stuffing your face with good food and watching good movies!

I may have to do that on MY bithday. =)