Sunday, February 08, 2009

everyone is home!

brooke got back home saturday afternoon from the hospital and is adjusting well. I was with her and she pointed at he cast saying "what's that"? thought that was funny. i'll be taking pictures of her today--so you can see her "bright" green cast.

bill and i got home last night from the conference i help out with in Huntsville ( it's nice to be's nice for everyone to be home! we go back to work today after being w/brooke for a little over a week. it'll be good to get back into routine. i've missed the girls at the home. it'll be nice knowing brooke is just down the road so i can pop in/out whenever i get a chance to.

again, thank you for your continuous prayers in her recovery. We Praise the Lord for all He has done and we give Him the glory...It's all about HIM!.

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