Thursday, December 28, 2006

when i grow up...

today we (my boys, ethan and josiah, brooke and laura) were driving in the van just getting out. josiah (7) started talking about what he wanted to be when he grew up. well, that got ethan's (age 4) imagination rolling. then with an enthusiasm he shouted "i wanta be w-aura" (laura). we all said, "laura?" i said why do you wanta be laura when you grow up....and w/o hesitation he said "i wanta be w-aura because i want to teach brooke." heart stopped...laura and i both teary eyed were just in awe. how sweet and precious those words were to me today. it's funny.....when i found out that i was pregnant with ethan i wasn't all that excited.....however, God knew what He was doing to bring me humor, a glance into a new perspective, hope, and alittle bit of me. it's the little things in life i say that keep me going. that little thing will go a long way.

laura and brooke

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