Wednesday, December 06, 2006


i sit back and just watch brooke sometimes, wondering where her thoughts take her...what she laughs about...what she looks at when she sees me...trudy (our dog)...our her brothers. i wonder and consider and i'd love to look thru her eyes. truely i say this...i'd rather it be me than her.

as a believer we have the priviledge of meditating on the One who carries us, watches us, and yes...reads our minds. I'm a thinker. i'm not one to jump in and share my opinion....rather, i meditate on it.....and speak my mind. i laugh out loud now b/c i wonder if brooke is doing the same thing.....she's taking everything in and then one day- bamm....she speaks just is what is on her mind.

one thing is for certain. i choose meditation on God's word. Its the only thing that i need...and in doing so He speaks....and sometimes He is quiet. Being in His presense meditating on Him is all i'm required to's when He speaks or whispers a word in my ear or shows me something from the mysteries of Him.....that is a's the extra.

i love it when i watch brooke....and bamm....she says something i've never heard her say. she makes me smile.

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