Friday, December 15, 2006

butterflies and brooke: the meaning

For those that are new to my blogspot i wanted to share what and why i have choosen to share my experiences w/you. I created butterflies and brooke after brooke came home for the learning tree for 2 reasons. First is to share brooke's victories, struggles, and request as i as a mother see things from her point of view if one can do that. Second, i chose to be completely honest w/my struggles as a mom of an autistic daughter....what God is teaching thru her, what God is teaching me outside of our situation, and to rattle off things that are on my mind. In's sorta been like a journal for me personally....a raw expression to God that allows others to view my relationship w/brooke and God on the front page.
I'm grateful to God that i can share my heart outloud and hopefully encourage others as we all struggle w/ something of some kind.

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