Monday, December 18, 2006

it must be Christmas....

because Brooke is being very loving.....she's hugging everyone---and i mean HUG! whole body kinda thing where she lifts up one leg as if we are to hold it. she must want something for Christmas....j/k. It has been great. we've all just drank it in like water in the desert.
the other day we were at target and we were wondering if a complete stranger asked her "what's your name"....what she would say---so we decided since the person behind looked nice and sweet to ask her to do this little exercise for us. load and behold she said "brooke".....softly and sweetly.....however, molly and i weren't to softly when we praised her. i think the whole target store heard the rumble!
we are praying about many things w/brooke that i'll mention at a later day.....pray for wisdom and guidance as we venture into new territory w/her.
they will all be out of school come this wednesday. my parents are coming into town....i'm thrilled for them coming. i don't know a thing about cooking "christmas food".....but chili sounds good. nice and easy!

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