Wednesday, December 13, 2006

the week

it's been a busy week for me....getting some work done while the kids are in school. next tuesday is there last can you believe christmas is already here.

brooke has been coughing....i hope she isn't coming down w/ something. she's been doing really well in therapy w/the girls. they are learning the ropes and are doing great.....brooke is too.

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Rusty said...

Hey Dani-Ga!
I don't know if someone has already gotten back with you about your "mystery" quote on Dec 8, but if not, it's from a devotional book called Streams in the Desert(heard of it?) by L.B. Cowman. Her quote is on the Dec 9th day.

Hope all is going well. Thanks for your blog. God is really teaching me some great things through it. Keep it up.