Friday, September 22, 2006

a longing

do you ever long to see be held by Him?
today I'm there....a longing....a craving, a drive, a hunger, an
itch, a passion, a thirst, an urge, and a yearning


Anonymous said...

There are so many times when I cry out and ask God to please just show me Your face b/c I know when I see you I will be renewed... if I can just see your face i will be reminded that I CAN go on, I can get through this b/c I know You are with me. The same thing happens every time...His promise "I will never leave you...", It smacks me in the face oh so gently yet with a power that is so completely unreal...He shows up! Some way or other He completely shows up! I see His face in one of my children...they may just be sleeping or reading or playing but I can see Him. He shows up in my husband. He is here...He carries me through it all...What a God! What a faithful faithful God!

Hope this made some kind of sense...

dani-ga said...

yeah...thanks kelley---that is a reminder to me....thanks for sharing this w/me.