Wednesday, September 13, 2006

leaning hard

first off....thank you for your comments, they are little gifts of encouragement to me and i appreciate your responses to my random thoughts and raw expressions.

I was reading just yesterday in "streams from the desert" that a dear mentor of mine gave to me...the passage spoke so quietly and still to me that i have to share it.

"who is this coming up from the desert leaning on her
lover?" s/s 8.5

i loved this passage for many i do want to share. honestly speaking i have been in the desert for the past month...the desert for me has been painful, it was as if God had video taped my life and showed it back to me in slow motion, and it was insightful as i saw myself thru His eyes and not my own. I consider this passage for me a passage of encouragement and dear communion w/my Lord. the word "up" jumped off the page for me as i realized i'm coming out (up) of the desert....what a relief to say the least.....and then the words "leaning on her lover". Jesus....the lover of my soul, my dearest and best friend, companion above all rest, my comfort, guide....i lean heavily on His shoulders thru His embrace. God has been faithful as i said the other day---and He will continue to be faithful to me...this is His character...His nature.

As far a brooke is concerned....i'm so in love w/her. And though i give her she leans in to give me a kiss on her forehead.....i count it a joy as we go walking...of her leaning in to me for no reason at all -- a gift from what all i have learned in the desert. sweet communion.

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