Wednesday, September 06, 2006

acceptance w/suffering

Just recently....i got away. It was a great experience to be alone w/just hymn book....journal. i walked away from the 'potter's house' (Jere. 18), if you will.....with a new kind of aspect of my life and my suffering. This may sound lame or didn't know that....but it was a fresher view....a different approachable goal for me....but i realized that my suffering will not go away. In fact, it may get harder or easier...but i will have this thorn in my life and that i should accept it. Boy---acceptance. seems like an easy word to pick up....accepting an invitation, accepting a job that you are going to love, or accepting a gift from a dear old friend.....but who accepts hurt, pain, suffering? who does that? In doing so....i believe we venture into a new realm in our relationship w/God....b/c He suffered...we share in a small taste of sufferings as well. 1 peter talks about rejoicing in your suffering.....humm, who does that? (i speak in sarcasism to some degree).
As i was getting home that late afternoon i noticed something on the concrete that "grabbed" my attention and put into a picture of the "acceptance of suffering" for me....w/no sarcasism or humor i was brought to my knees as i saw this flower escaping, growing, budding from, shining, letting others see beauty---as she pushed her way out from the concrete (the hardness, pain, suffering, between a rock and a hard place...if you will). She just sat if to say to me accept the suffering, accept the pain, accept...accept...accept. i quickly snapped a picture to remember. about a half and hour later Ethan (youngest son....addicted to flowers) brought to me the flower that had grown from the concrete as gift.....that i gladly accepted.

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