Sunday, November 23, 2008

thanksgiving plans

we will be traveling down to see brooke on wednesday and thursday this week. since we still cannot take her on an overnight visit, we will just take her out for the afternoon on wednesday and meet them at her school for Thanksgiving lunch.

I'm so excited to be in her world.

Just recently a dear friend of mine where talking about "being" with others. There's just something about hanging out with people you know and love; no expecatations, no nothing...just "being" with them.
I mentioned in the conversation that of our Lord. So many times we go to Him...asking, pleading, etc...and we don't just sit and "be" with the Lord. What if though...we just did that, just sat and listened, and were just with Him...not expecting anything at all...BUT when He shares something w/us, when He gives us comfort from His word, when He showers His blessings and goodness as we sit in His Presence..then, my friend.....that is the EXTRA, the unexpected.....and there is NOTHING like it.

I go to Brooke w/no expectations except to be with her...

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