Friday, November 21, 2008

changes: all around

We heard some good changes with Brooke today.

Her Instructional Analyst wrote me this: "I was over there for several hours training the staff on her new PCIP. Brooke was in such a great mood. Her roomate walked up to her and grabbed her hand and they ran off to the bedrooms (which I followed to keep them in supervision, but just looked through the door crack so they wouldn't see me) and they were running around being so happy together. They ran from one room to the next laughing and following each other. They looked like 2 little girls at a slumber party! It was so cute. Her roomate kept giving Brooke hugs and Brooke did not push her away. She smiled and laughed. The whole time I was there, Brooke was in a fantastic, playful mood. She did not display any problem behaviors. I have seen such a positive change in her and can't wait to get really rolling on these new skills we are teaching her. I think she is going to learn so quickly!"

To hear these things are just wonderful news to a mom who is 6 hours away from a hug or just a look in the eye. It makes me smile. I'm excited to move closer to her in the next several weeks...hearing that she is making friends gladens my heart...knowing i'll be leaving my friends here soon grieves my heart as well. Yes, there are changes--all around.

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gagesdad said...

sounds like Brooke is adjusting so well! we are happy for y'all knowing you are going to be close to Brooke now but we are also sad knowing you are leaving behind friends and family. we will be praying for y'all in this move and that God directs you and your family in a great way. as always we will visit your site for updates and we hope all of them can be good ones!