Friday, November 14, 2008


fall is by far one of my favorite seasons. however, i did not enjoy raking the leaves for the boys to just destroy the pile i had made. oh only live once, right? and i am sure i did the same thing when my dad raked leaves too. fall. it brings change. change brings life. newness. a breath of fresh air almost. I'm all about change! Just like a good storm rolling in...

we are all going thru a change as brooke remains far from us...wishing now i could look into her eyes, jump in the bed w/her--only for her to push me out, watch dora (over and over again). But I cannot. however, i remain confident. confident that the change in all our lives will only bring about newness--and breaths of fresh air. come Lord Jesus...change us...for i know that in some small way you rake up the leaves of goodness, riches, blessings in our life...and we get the chance to jump in them if we desire to do so. Let the jumping begin!

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