Tuesday, November 25, 2008

repeated Hope:

this is from a journal entry from earlier this year....it seemed appropriate to share again today:

I have been exposed to hope. Hope. For so long I have lost sight of this…and took matters in my own hands. This caused me even more harm, pain, anxiety, panic attacks, and etc… But now, I have been re-exposed to hope, if you will. It almost makes me want to take a picture, find an old darkroom and develop what I captured. Your hope God has become alive to me in the depths of my slumber. I have realized the strong fog of selfishness I’ve been under. I have seen that suffering effects more than just plain owe me. However, it is now through my suffering that You reveal hope to me. It has strength, beauty, compassion, courage, love, patience and more than I could ever write down at the moment. I buried hope long ago and surely lost perspective of it. Now, it warms my heart, sings in my ear, and embraces me when I have no one to embrace. The journey for me is just now beginning. (Jeremiah 29:11).

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