Thursday, February 08, 2007

precious prayers

Tonight as brooke laid in her bed i asked if she wanted to pray...she said nothing. So, i started a simple prayer. 'thank you Lord for this day...i love you (she said "you), please make me well amen' then she said "please, please". although i know that she is just repeating my was so innocent and real and vulnerable and just precious. Please Lord....hear your daughter's heart and make her well. Please...Please.

we are taking some time away w/the boys. i'm looking forward to it...i need the away time with them. our therapist...tammy, molly and laura will be working and taking care of brooke's needs=please pray for them as they handle her behaviors...they have still remained to be on the high side.

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Anonymous said...

we love you and pray for you every day that you will get well brooke-our love------