Monday, February 26, 2007

John 5

The next biggest thing i learned in John is found in chapter 5. This is a neat story if i ever read one. If you have a chance, read it before you move on. A man 38 years sick....sitting on his mat....a man (Jesus) walks up and asks a silly but moving question. Do you wish to get well? Are we so pre-occupied w/our situation that we don't even see Jesus standing near us? Are we so distracted w/our self that we don't notice His voice? I was! The man's response could have honestly been mine. "i have no one to put me in the water". It almost sounds like pity..... i was in the midst of a pity party. "my daaaauuuuuggggttttteeerrrrr is aaaauuuuttttisssssttticcc. The question He asks though requires a responsibility....a deeper commitment. First God asks the impossible, then He removes the possibility for a relapse, and then He expects success...GET UP!
the man had to decide to obey....his faith had to move into action. He had to get past the excuses. If Jesus told you to pick up your security blanket.....what would it be? Don't expect to be carried. Jesus helps the helpless...the paralyzed. This is where i was paralyzed in the idea of autism. However, where we find our hope and security is not in some security blanket, or even stirring waters....but getting up and trusting in the voice that says "Get up?" no question about it.

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