Sunday, February 25, 2007

John 1

Because of personal reasons i have not been able to do the blog as i like....however, i hope to not delay any longer and share my experiences in John.

My experience w/John 1 is simple. To know Him as healer, sustainer, friend....we have to really know Him. If we want to know God we have got to know Jesus. He made it clear who He was and who He was not. The most important purpose in life is knowing Christ and knowing His Word. The foundation of this is (was) so important in my experience w/Brooke. Knowing Christ deeply and learning how He speaks to me was my foundation to this book.

Brooke has been doing pretty good. Her behaviors go up and down. We have a newly added therapist her name is Amber. We are excited for her to join the team.....Pray for Amber as she learns how to work w/brooke and teach her.

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