Monday, January 08, 2007


today went well at school for the first day of getting back in the swing of things. She did well in therapy and was much better during shower/drying hair from the past few days.

Grief comes and goes. today it is here. The thing that gets me thru the grief is remembering. Remembering what God has done and being thankful for all the little things. the smiles-the laughter-unexpected hugs-grabbing your hand to show you something she wants to say but has difficulty. it is the little things in motto in life, that keep ya going...that make you wonder what's coming around the corner...that makes you live for the next moment to see if it will be news breaking and make you wanta call all your friends b/c you see brooke doing something you've never done/seens before. grief. what a relief that we don't have to live in it. today my thoughts/prayers go out to trish and hannah. thanks trish.

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