Tuesday, January 30, 2007


i've been considering ps. 46.5 since yesterday when i read it in streams of the desert. I'll write a portion of its entry:

"Will not be moved" what an inspiring declaration! Is it possible for us who are so easily moved by earthly things to come to a point where nothing can upset us or disturb our peace? The answer is yes, and the apostle Paul knew it. When he was on his way to Jerusalem, the Holy Spirit warned him that "prision and hardships (acts 20.23) awaited him. Yet he could triumphantly say "but none of these things move me" (acts 20.24) Hannah Smith

I must say i've been w/o words as i've grasped on to this reality that with Jesus no situation or earthly measure could move me. Did you get that....am i the only one that seems alittle bit excited about this and inspired as Hannah Smith wrote? i must say that in the past week or so i've been tempted to be moved with anger, frustration, and hardships...but i've been encouraged in knowing w/God at my side...with Jesus in my heart, and with the Holy Spirit as my guide i cannot be moved. yes, paul knew this.....indeed he did...it is now my desire when things come my way not to be moved to the point of being upset or disturbed because of the peace we have in Him. Is. 26.3 plainly describes this! It's all about Trust, is it not?

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